Saturday, September 15, 2012

LA again...

But not complaining!

After our weekend in San Diego, we decided to drive up to LA, just because we love LA and we were already in Cali, so why not!  I know, everyone is probably thinking we love it because we have never been stuck in a huge traffic jam or because we have missed every earth quake.  But truth is, we would love it anyway.  It doesn't hurt to have our very good friend Josh there, who by the way is a great host and tour guide!

Since we tend to go to LA for longer than other destinations, we have learned our way around pretty good.  Well, we know where all the parks and playgrounds are, and really that's all that matters.

Sebastian and Natalia always have a good time and seem to adjust quickly to the time difference.  They love when we take them to the park or to get cupcakes at our favorite place; Crumbs! Seriously, if you haven't tried it, try it and you will see why we love it so much.

One night we all went out to dinner at Peppone, a fancy but low key italian restaurant in Brentwood. Thanks Josh for introducing us to that place, we loved it! Another night, Josh volunteered to babysit so Sal and I could have a "grown up dinner".  If you have kids, you know what I mean.  So we took the offer and ran! Straight to Katsuya.  Ahhhhh...finally, a dinner we didn't have to rush through.  Thanks again Josh, loved every minute!

The next day we had the most amazing strawberry/banana/nutella crepe ever! Then took off to Santa Monica for the day. Strolling around in Santa Monica makes us feel like we are home.  Weird to say since we have never lived there, but it just feels that way.  There is nothing better that eating while staring at that beautiful ocean!

California, we miss you already! Maybe we need to plan another trip soon?




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