Thursday, December 27, 2012

2 little monkeys

It's been a busy couple of months, but I'm back on track!

Let me start by saying, I can't believe my twins are two! Having twice the responsibilities in these past couple of years has made time fly! I remember how tiny my babies were when they were born.  They weighed just under 3 and 4 pounds. I realize now they were sent to us 6 weeks early so we can enjoy them being babies a little longer :)

We celebrated their second birthday this past October very low key, with just a few close friends.  We had the party at home and focused on entertainment for the kids. We had 2 kids tables and a dozen tiny chairs to make the kids comfortable. Puzzles, coloring and "make your own sock monkey" helped keep the kids happy. Of course, so did all the goodies we served.

Everyone was very pleased with the outcome, including my 2 little "sock monkeys!"  Their little faces were glowing the entire time, it's like they knew the spotlight was on them!

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