Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer company

We've been super busy the past few weeks! Between planning summer trips and having company over, it's been hectic around here, in a good way.

This summer we are taking a drive to Sunset Beach for a week of fun and relaxation with some good friends.  Then heading to San Diego for a friend's wedding, and some more fun with friends we haven't seen in a while.  Finishing up our California trip by taking a drive up to Los Angeles for a week, to visit another good friend.  Just thinking about these trips makes me feel super busy, but I can't wait!
Last month my mom came to visit from New York for a few days.  She was so excited to see Sebastian and Natalia, and I was super excited to see her.  That's right, Sal and I are not the main attraction anymore, it's all about the babies now!  Regardless of who my mom (and everyone else for that matter) is excited to see, we all enjoyed her visit.  It's always nice to have your mom around.  Plus, she taught me a few new tricks on my sewing machine and I even made some dresses for Natalia and pajama pants for both babies all by myself! Yay me!

A few days after that, Sal's brother Louie came to visit from Chicago for a week.  If you read my Chicago post, you know how much the kids love him, specially Sebastian!  As soon as he saw him he immediately started calling out "Ouieeeee" while chasing him around the house.  Poor Louie couldn't even shower without the kids interrupting by knocking on his door and yelling Ouieeeee!!!??? After he left, the kids kept looking for him all over the house.  It was cute but so sad! I had to keep reminding them that Louie went home and we would see him again soon.  Good thing they are easily distracted with a toy or their favorite television show.

We had a great time with both visitors and can't wait to see them again!

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  1. Natalia's hair is getting so long! Cutie babies!