Wednesday, June 20, 2012

some dads deserve the brag

Father's Day goes way beyond that one time a year around this house.  Of course we celebrate on that day, but we keep celebrating for a long time after.  Some dads just deserve that! 

Sal has been my partner in crime for a long time, 12 years to be exact.  We did a lot of the things we wanted to do before we had children. We lived in Las Vegas, went to clubs, went to pool parties, went out for fancy dinners, traveled, etc. Friends told us to take advantage of doing all these things, because our lives would never be the same once we had children.  We knew there was some truth to that because the people saying it already had kids of their own, so we took advantage and did as much as we wanted to, for a long time.

Then we decided it was time to expand the family. We wanted children so bad and we finally got them.  This is our time to focus on our children and do the parenting thing. 

I have to say, Sal is the most amazing dad ever! I applaud him every day. He has a very, very busy job, but every free minute he has he devotes to our children. As soon as they hear the garage door open they fill with excitement, run to the window and start calling for their daddy. Just as fast, they run to the door and greet him with the biggest smiles ever!  It melts us both! I have to say thank you to him, once again, because in the 20 months we have been parents, very few times have I had to give Sebastian and Natalia a bath by myself, Sal is always there helping. When you have twins a helping daddy is always good! Sebastian and Natalia love him so much!

We haven't totally stopped doing the other things we love to do now that we have children. They certainly haven't slowed down our traveling!  We still go out to dinner, the only difference is that now we go to dinner a lot earlier just to accommodate their schedule.  Early dinners are not exactly a problem. Lets just hope they continue to be "good" babies while we are eating out or we will need to get a sitter and go out alone!

It's pretty amazing to see how fast kids grow and how they learn to develop relationships. I am amazed at the love they feel towards Sal and know it will only get bigger!

BIG thanks to my wonderful husband!!

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  1. Aw, I love seeing Sal as a daddy! Happy Belated Father's Day!