Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY - baby arm candy

Ok, I can't help it... I love having a mini-me! Maybe I shouldn't be teaching her about fashion accessories yet, but I love seeing her reaction when I put something new on her.  She recently learned how to say "wow" and use it in the right situation, these kids never stop amazing me!

I love that she keeps her little bracelets on like a "big girl" so I decided to make her a few to add to her little collection.  They are really super easy to make, so if you have a little diva and want to make her some, here's how to do it:

Get some beads and elastic cord or string.  That's it! Put the beads in the string and tie a knot.  I like to hide the knot in a bead, so when your done just pull a little until the knot is hidden.Your little girl might say "wowwww!" when she sees them too! 

Be sure you watch over your little girl, in case she decides she wants to eat the beads.  I use very small beads, so if Natalia decides to eat one, it won't do much harm.

Feel free to make these in your size ;)

I have tons of beads, its an addiction! These are just a few.

sample cord and string

final outcome!

Still on!

I made these

Natalia's little collection

LOL - modeling


  1. Liv LOVES anything pretty. Jewelry, shoes, hair accessories, hats... it is just SO hard to keep them on her, but she does model for a few minutes while we tell her how pretty she looks.

  2. My daughter is very much a girlie girl but I was never this successful. She is now getting more into jewelry and bracelets are the first choice. Natalia looks adorable!!!!