Thursday, June 7, 2012

chicago love

We recently traveled to another one of our favorite cites; Chicago.  Needless to say, this time we were very well prepared for the flight, both mentally and physically.  Not only did we have at least two extra outfits for the kids, my husband and I also had extra shirts for ourselves, just in case.  If you don't understand what I'm talking about, read the post called "traveling with kids" and you will surely understand. We were very lucky though, it was only a 2 hour flight and both kids behaved like angels when they were not sleeping. 

Oh Chicago, how we love you! Every time we visit I compare it to New York City, but a little more relaxed and intimate feeling.  We stayed at The James Hotel, one of our favorites there due to location and atmosphere.  It's smack in the middle of the Gold Coast and River North, which are filled with awesome boutiques and amazing restaurants, not to mention Michigan Avenue is just a few blocks away.

Shopping in Chicago is amazing, I always look forward to going to all the stores we don't have here in Charlotte (like H&M, Zara, Bloomingdale's, etc) I also can't help but get excited about Cusp, a hip branch of Neiman Marcus, which carries only the most ultra chic lines and has very few locations. Natalia was thrilled when I took her to the American Girl doll store, that place is so cute! 

Food was excellent everywhere we ate.  We took the babies everywhere from fine Italian restaurants to steakhouses to Starbucks (for organic chocolate milk, not coffee) to cupcake bakeries.  Speaking of which, we put Sprinkles and Crumbs cupcakes to the test and we were torn!  While Sprinkles has the best vanilla vanilla cupcake on earth, we couldn't complain about Crumbs creative selection and twice the size cupcakes.  Take us to either and we are happy as pigs in mud!

The main purpose of our trip was to visit my husband's brother Louie, who moved there a few years ago.  The babies were thrilled to spend time with him! It's amazing how they remember people they only see a few times a year.  At one point, Sebastian forgot who his parents were opting to cry for his uncle every time we parted ways. 

We had a wonderful time in Chi-town and can't wait to go back.  As promised here are some photos. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. love it! chicago is the BEST! looks like you guys had a great vacation. um natalia's black sandals are super cute. do they come in adult sizes? :-)

  2. Love it! You always have the best vacation photos. How is this possible?

  3. Dao - we had a great time! You have no idea how many grown up girls asked about Natalia's shoes! They are DVF for Gap, I couldn't resist!

    Jeannette - thank God for my iPhone 4S! Although I really really want a professional camera :) thank God also for Dao, amazing photographer!!!