Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY - High Chair Banner

A few people have asked me if I made everything I used for Sebastian and Natalia's 2nd birthday party, and the answer is yes.  As you already know, I love hand making anything I can!

Here, I will show you how I made the high chair birthday banners.  These banners are not hard to make, all  you need is a little creativity and time.  You may need extra time if you have a little one (or two) running around your house.  

For this project you will need foam sheets, foam letters and shapes, ribbon, scissors and glue.

Start by choosing your theme colors.
The theme for this birthday party was "Sock Monkeys Turn 2" 
so I chose red, brown and white as the main colors. 

You can purchase foam sheets and cutouts at any craft store. 
I shop mostly at Michael's because it is the most convenient for me.

Next, measure the high chair tray and cut out the banner to fit the tray. 
I chose triangle at the bottom, but you can do any shape you wish!

Step 3 - decorate the banner as you please.  
I like modern simplicity and opted for circle cutouts with letters in the center
 to spell out "I AM 2" and "ME 2!"

Use cutout shapes to decorate the banner and also to stick it to the high chair tray.


Notice a blue #2 on one of the highchairs.  My A-type personality was not happy 
when one of my kids ripped off the only red #2 I had left, but I quickly 
got it together and replaced it with a blue one.  
Besides, who really noticed it was not made blue on purpose? 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY post! Please share your thoughts or leave me any questions in the comment box below.

Have fun making your high chair banner! Or share this post who someone you think will :)

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