Sunday, April 22, 2012


I am inspired by crumbs, and by crumbs I mean my 18 month old twins.

I am a neat freak or what you might refer to as "Type A Personality".  Everything around me needs to be neat, organized and on schedule.  Well, that was before the twins... 

When I found out I was having twins I was thrilled! I always wanted twins! They are a handful but definitely fun and all worth the hard work.  I'm not as worried as I once was about the house looking perfect.  Now I am inspired by every cookie crumb left around my house.  I clean constantly, but somehow they seem to find the one crumb stuck in a corner under a cabinet that I missed. It amazes me!

My husband and I love modern living and have incorporated that style into everything in our home, including everything pertaining to our twins. We love clean cut lines and simplicity. We are constantly searching for everyday household items that fit our style, and baby items are no exception! I also love fashion and hand made items.

I started this blog with several topics in mind and hope that everyone reading it finds it useful and inspiring.  I'm hoping to share stories and pictures of what makes up my life and especially, items I believe make my life easier while staying stylish!

Here are some pictures...


  1. i'm excited to keep reading your blog. i'm somewhat inspired to write on mine again but haven't made the move yet :-)

  2. i'm so happy to hear that i can inspire you to continue yours! please let me know and i'll follow you... make the move!