Sunday, May 6, 2012

fun & modern toys

As a huge fan of a modern and simple way of life, I am always on the search for some cool toys for my twins, Natalia and Sebastian.  I hate clutter and prefer toys that fit into our lifestyle. 

People constantly ask where we got that "cool toy".  Well, if you enjoy my style, then I have good news for you.  Finding modern toys is not as difficult as it once was.  Cool looking wooden/organic/funky toys are now available in most toy stores, even in stores like Target.  Of course, there are also the lines that are a little pricier which are found in more exclusive boutiques.

As much as my husband and I enjoy this style, we also want our little ones to enjoy the toy they are playing with.  We always let them play with the toys and see their reaction.  So far, they haven't rejected any of them.  Kids are very easy to please!

Here are a few pictures of some of the toys they enjoy:

Rubbabu cars, $10 - $20 shown

Plan toys, $12 - $24 shown

North American Bear Co. for Pottery Barn Kids, $40

Pintoy car, $12, available at Nordstrom

Melissa & Doug puzzles, $10 - $20 shown

Wheely Bug large bee and cow, $70 each 

Ikea, $20 each (I added felt heart stickers to Natalia's)

Ugly Dolls, small, $10 each

B. justb-byou, available at Target or online

kidO, $10

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  1. To sum it up, the toys above are so simple, cute and modern. They are what we should give to our children for them to enjoy their play. Also they do have attractive colors that is so eye-appealing.