Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the trying years

My babies are growing up so fast! They are now 19 months and the "terrible 2s" are fast approaching.  My husband and I decided to call it the "trying years" instead.  We don't like how "terrible" sounds and since Natalia and Sebastian are not two yet and are already trying our patience, we know the 2 thing is way off.  It's a good thing they have such sweet faces!

Natalia is a little clown.  She is constantly trying to make us laugh about something silly she is doing, like walking around with a beach bucket on her head or trying to balance a spoon under her chin.  Sebastian loves hearing Natalia's giggles and tries anything to make her laugh.  He makes funny noises, claps, taps his feet, anything really as long as Natalia is laughing at him.  The love they have for each other is amazing!

The other day I went to the kitchen to get something and next thing I know Natalia is at the top of the stairs!  I don't know how she did it so fast and so quietly! She had the biggest smile ever on her face and was extremely proud of herself.  It was so hard to be mad at her or reprimand her because I didn't want to knock her spirits after such a big accomplishment.  They are both pros at going up the stairs now.  My brother Elvis suggested I teach them how to go down the stairs, just in case they sneak away again.  He did this for his 2 boys and it helped avoid stair accidents. I have been letting them go up and down while I stand close behind.  Natalia is getting really good at going down, Sebastian wants to walk down.  So nerve recking!

Teaching kids Independence is so important but it's really hard! It almost feels like you are telling them they don't need you anymore.  If I am sad about it now, how will I be years from now when they want to go out without me or when they refuse to be seen with mom and dad? OMG I don't think I can handle this!

I don't know if I am so attached to them because I waited so long for them, but all I know is I love them more than anything and want them to be independent but still be mama's boy and girl.  Is that too much to ask?  Sal feels the same way, like they are growing up way too fast!

Everyone says it gets easier. So we will patiently wait for that day.

In the meantime, here are some pictures.  If they are smiling, I'm smiling too.  They are so silly!



  1. aw they are so cute! i love that they are always trying to make each other laugh. that pic of a bucket on natalia's head is hilarious. independence is so important and as they grow they will always need you. they may not need you to help them down the stairs anymore but they will need you in other comfort them when they are sick or sad. being a mommy is the best gift ever.

  2. I love your response! You are a great mom and a little ahead of me, so thanks for the reassurance!!!

  3. Livi does the same thing with the stairs. She has to walk up and down herself and she wants to walk like a grown up, so I'm a stress case!

    The kiddos are adorable and I love Natalia's sassy pants little attitude in the pics! So cute!