Sunday, May 13, 2012

ten years

Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. It seems like it was just yesterday we met.  Some people find our story fascinating, so I will share it with you.

Sal and I met in Las Vegas. I was in Las Vegas for spring break with two other girls.  It was our first time in Las Vegas and we were super excited to be there.  We went to pool parties, fancy dinners, clubs, did some shopping, a little gambling and lots more! We were there five days and wanted to take advantage of our time there so we did as much as we could.  We went to bed very late and got up early.

One night, we went to a nightclub which was then called "Ra." We left Ra and were walking through the hotel lobby when we first locked eyes.  He was with a few other guys.  They immediately approached us.  I can't remember all the details because all I could see was Sal.  I don't know what it was, but I really liked him.  He tells me he felt the same way.  He was on the phone with his brother and told him "I think I just found my wife".  Our group joined and we all hung out together for a few hours.  While all our friends drank and partied, Sal and I drank water and had a very long conversation.  It was amazing.  It was then we named our son Sebastian.  We found out we both loved that name and really wanted to use it when we had a baby boy. Crazy coincidence!

Bad news was I only had one day left in Las Vegas.  He didn't hesitate to ask me to dinner that evening and, of course, I said yes.  That was our first date.  He also offered to drive us to the airport, which I also accepted.  He walked me all the way to the gate!  As we said goodbye, not knowing what the future held for us, he stared at me until i blushed and said "i want to remember this moment perfectly." Tears filled my eyes as I got on that flight.  My friends joked "you will be over him by the time we land in New York." To which I replied "I don't think so, this is different."

I was right. We dated long distance (he lived in Las Vegas, I lived in New York) for a year and 2 months.  It all happened very fast.  We met in March, he met my parents in April, I met his in May.  He asked my parents for my hand in July and proposed in December.  We got married 5 months later, in May 2002.  Our wedding was in Long Island, New York, with 200 of our closest friends and family joining us to celebrate.  A few days later I moved to Las Vegas, and a few days after that we departed for a week long honeymoon in Hawaii.

Our marriage has been great.  Like most marriages, we have had our share of ups and downs, happy times and sad ones, struggles and lots of kissing and making up. But most of all there has been mutual forgiveness.  Yesterday, lots of people congratulated us and then went on to tell us we should be proud because 10 years is unheard of these days.  It seems people get married for the wrong reasons and end up being part of the statistic we all want to avoid.  Yes, 10 years is a long time but, it is very far from the "til death due us part" we promise when we decide to get married.  It takes hard work from both sides to make it last that long.

If I could give a few words of advice, I would say communication is #1.  If you don't tell your partner what's bothering you, how will they know? Second, I think you should always have a solution available to the problem you are bringing up.  It is way easier to fix a problem if you can tell your partner how you would like it fixed.  This does not mean you are making all the rules.  Be open to your partner's suggestions and come to a mutual solution.  Don't just say "i hate that you take your clothes off and leave them on the floor" instead try, "next time you undress, can you please put your clothes here? That way I won't trip on them".  Hopefully that will work and avoid an argument.  Third, never go to sleep angry at each other.  Pillow talk is probably the best uninterrupted conversation you can have with your partner.

I'm not saying you will never argue or that my husband and I never argue, that is close to impossible.  I'm just saying these tips may help in a few unimportant situations that may cause unnecessary arguments and lots of stress to the relationship.

So now that I am done playing marriage counselor (LOL), here are a few pictures from our wedding day I would like to share with you...


  1. Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary! You guys make a beautiful family:)

  2. Thank you Danny and thank you for joining my site! Hope you enjoy reading my blog posts!